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Experience and reliability are key when choosing a building removal, house relocation or lifting company. Make sure you choose right for your home removal, house relocation or lifting. Go with Fistonich.

Our experienced, proven team of experts provide can provide house lifting and relocation services for your house or building. We are also able to assist customers in making the moving process as easy and painless as possible. We guarantee absolute customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Fistonich For House Removal & House Lifting

Years Of Building & House Removal Experience

Fistonich Building Removals have over 50 years of industry experience. The company started back in 1962 by Tony Fistonich and was known as Henderson Building Removals.  It was then sold to his brother Andy Fistonich who renamed the company in 1977 to AT Fistonich Building Removals.  Nick Fistonich bought his fathers business in 1987 when he decided to retire from housemoving and is now known as Fistonich Building Removals Ltd.   Whether you are lifting your house, relocating or removing completely, Fistonich has a track record that can give you peace of mind. We focus on guiding you through the process of lifting your house or removing your building.

Proven Building Lifting & House Removal Expertise

The removal and relocation team at Fistonich are second to none. Nick and the team have the expert knowledge, equipment and attitude to make your building removal & lifting job run smoothly, quickly and safely.Our house lifting and removals team are highly trained and have a proven track record across all jobs from house lifting & removal to relocation of large buildings.

So if you are planning for house lifting, house removal and relocation, Contact Us now at (09) 810-8224 – speak to the experts for House LiftingHouse Removal and House Relocation services.

If you have plans from your architect call us for a quote, we guarantee you absolute customer satisfaction.

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